My Life With No Filter

Hannah Sutton

Late to the party, but finally succumbed to pressure from colleagues, friends and family to share my life (with no filter) and tips on all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle. After moving back to London from Hong Kong friends wanted me to share my experiences first hand with those who are looking for inspiration be it in beauty, food or fashion since I have always been out and about giving advice in these areas. 

For those living in London, you are probably fed up with the overflowing options in this city and can feel very bombarded with products and offers. I believe it is very important for me to share my unbiased experiences with products and services I endorse be it the latest elixir powder or eyelash extensions. I share honest reviews and experiences so readers can trust my blog and can come back for more information or pass it on. People say they love my blog because it is honest, funny and hence no filter!

If you have any suggestions on places I should check out please do not hesitate to get in touch!

My blog is My Life With No Filter

Love, Hannah